JANUARY 11, 2017




Mayor Jon Mosier called the Regular City Council Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Council present were Ryan Archibald, Marilyn Mundorf, Scott Anderson, with Marvin Bradfield absent.  Approved the agenda.  Approved the consent agenda. 




Johnson reported the Library Board will be having a special meeting to discuss hiring additional staff and reported they have their online automation software (Apollo) up and running.  Written report submitted for the Heritage Center.  T. Erickson reported activities and financials for the year.  Pope reported on activities for year.  Discussed changes to By-Laws for the department to include Cass County residents.  Betty Auten resigned her positon as Animal Control Enforcement Officer.




During Public Comments, Bethany Nichols discussed w/ Council taking the old concrete retaining wall out along their property on West Main Street.  Council agreed to the removal.




Motion by Archibald, second by Mundorf to regretfully accept the resignation of Kristy Bassett and to approve the Council’s intent to fill the position of Council Person at the February 8, 2017 Regular City Council Meeting at 7:00 PM.  All Ayes 




Charles Marker addressed the Council regarding his two properties at 405 & 407 Minnesota Street.  Asked the Council for an extension to give him time to work on the properties.  City Attorney, Tad Wonio, requested he put in writing what his plans are and submit to him by February 1st and the Council will take into consideration his request then.




Bethany Nichols addressed Council regarding the Amended Snow Removal Ordinance.  She felt that since she was not timely notified of the new Ordinance personally, and the camper had already been winterized, she should not have to remove the camper from the City ROW this year, since it was already the middle of January.  Motion by Archibald, second by Anderson to not enforce the removal of any recreational vehicles along the City ROW this snow season.  All Ayes




Approved RESOLUTION 2017-1  Mayoral Appointments 


Approved RESOLUTION 2017-2  Official Depositories and Signatures. 


Approved RESOLUTION 2017-3  Official Newspaper – Griswold American. 


Approved RESOLUTION 2017-4  Approval of ICAP renewal. 


Approved RESOLUTION 2017-5  Support of Home Base Iowa. 




Approved the quote from GPM for the replacement of the Flow Meter at the Lagoons for $3,117.50. 




Approved raising the water testing reimbursement to $20 a day. 




Approved the Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Report for the City of Lewis 2017 completed by Pat Callahan. 




Set a budget work session for February 1, 2017 at 6:00.




Did not approve raises. 




Approved the Council/Clerk to attend 2017 Training Meetings and Conferences.




Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.






Jon Mosier, Mayor


Attest:  Carrie L. Kirchhoff,




Tuesday the 20th.