OCTOBER 12, 2016




Mayor Jon Mosier called the Regular City Council Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Council present were Ryan Archibald, Marvin Bradfield, Scott Anderson, Marilyn Mundorf, with Kristy Bassett absent.  Approved the agenda.  Approved the consent agenda. 




Written reports submitted for Library and Heritage Center.  T. Erickson reported the LVFD gave fire truck rides to the Lewis Elementary kids.  Will be hosting the 3rd Annual Halloween Party on October 29th.  Pope reported four 1st Responders will be attending EMS Conference in Des Moines.   Auten reported one barking dog complaint that was handled.  C. Erickson reviewed concrete bids for the floor of the shop. 




Approved bench in the park in memory of Lyle Leander.  The City also purchased a tree in Memory.




Set Trick or Treat hours 5-8 PM on Halloween Eve. 




Approved a building permit to Marvin Bradfield at 301 First St for a car port.  








Approved the 1st Reading of Ordinance 2016-1 Amending Snow Removal, Parking and Dumping of Snow. 




Approved setting a public hearing for CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Application at the next Regular City Council meeting to be held Wednesday, November 9th at 7:00 PM.    




Approved a $2 raise to the Deputy Clerk.  Approved a $1 raise to the PT Maintenance employee.  With reevaluations in the Spring.




Approved bid from Interior Touch to replace the flooring at City Hall.  Ayes – Anderson, Mundorf, Archibald, Nays – Bradfield, Motion carried.




Council discussed the possibility of having a goal setting session.  Instructed the Clerk to gather more information for the November meeting.




Neece reported that 2nd notices had been sent out on tree trimming, seven nuisance letters had been sent and fifteen junk vehicle notices were ready to send out.   Council approved mailing of the junk vehicle notices.  Tad Wonio presented letters for Mayor to sign on 405 & 407 properties for abatement.




Mayor Mosier commended Erickson on how nice the City Parks are being taken care of. 




Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.








Jon Mosier, Mayor


Attest:  Carrie L. Kirchhoff, City Clerk


Tuesday the 20th.