SEPTEMBER 14, 2016




Mayor Pro-Tem Ryan Archibald called the Regular City Council Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Council present were Marvin Bradfield, Scott Anderson, Kristy Bassett with Marilyn Mundorf absent. Approved the agenda.  Approved the consent agenda.




Johnson reported on activities at the Library for the month.  They will be hosting a Movie in the Park, October 1st at 7:30, Miracles from Heaven.  Pope reported one medical call and one DOA for the 1st Responders for the month.  Auten reported complaints about cats but no formal complaint was filed.  C. Erickson would like to amend the Snow Ordinance to include Snow Emergency, vehicles parking in streets and alleys during snow events, and the parking of campers etc. on City ROW during the months of November through March. Discussed drainage issues on several streets and alleys. 




Auten thanked Colton for installing the park bench the Improvement Committee had purchased for the city.




Approved Proclamation for Constitution Week September 17 – 23. 




Approved Resolution 2016-16 Organization Borrowing Resolution. 




Approved $75 donation to the Bunny & Goblin Committee for the Halloween Party. 




Approved a building permit to Leland Baxter at 302 Walnut St for a storage shed.   




Neece reported that about half of the Junk Vehicles had been documented.  Council tabled action until all of them were completed.




Meeting adjourned at 7:22 p.m.








Ryan Archibald, Mayor Pro Tem


Attest:  Mary Neece, Deputy Clerk


Tuesday the 20th.