AUGUST 10, 2016




Mayor Jon Mosier called the Regular City Council Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Council present were Marilyn Mundorf, Marvin Bradfield, Scott Anderson, Ryan Archibald, with Kristy Bassett absent.  Others present were Carrie Kirchhoff, Colton Erickson, Mary Neece, Tad Wonio, Betty Auten, Chad Frieze, and Craig Meyer.  Motion by Archibald to approve the agenda, second by Anderson, All Ayes.  Motion by Anderson, second by Mundorf to approve the Minutes of the July 13th meeting, clerk and budget reports, paid and scheduled claims reports, under the consent agenda.  All Ayes 




No report for Library, Heritage Center, Fire Department, or 1st Responders.  Auten reported on Rhea Freund’s dog running at large in town. It was the consensus of the Council to wait on a municipal infraction to give them a chance to try to find him a new home.  Erickson reported on monthly activities for Public Works.  Still waiting on Concrete Bids for Maintenance Shed.  Discussed with Council mowing the Community Building Property.  It was the consensus of the Mayor and Council to not allow Erickson to mow the property.




During public comments Craig Meyer would like to see several properties be abated for weeds, trees, garbage, rubbish, junk vehicles, etc.




Motion by Archibald, second by Anderson to approve RESOLUTION 2016-15  APPROVAL OF FY 2016 ANNUAL STREET FINANCE REPORT.  All Ayes




Motion by Archibald, second by Bradfield to approve the purchase of a 14 ft. conference table.  All Ayes  Clerk will get estimates for new flooring for the City Hall meeting room and report at the September meeting.




Motion by Anderson, second by Mundorf to approve a Safety Manual for the City of Lewis recommended by IMWCA.   All Ayes




Motion by Anderson, second by Mundorf to have City Attorney Wonio draft a farm lease with Larry Pelzer to continue to farm the ground at the Lagoons.  All Ayes 




Council held discussion on junk vehicles in the City.   Mayor Mosier and Archibald will get a list and pictures of vehicles for letters to be sent to property owners.  Council also directed City Attorney to send a letter to Robin Horning, property owner at 306 Oregon, informing her the Council will continue to monitor the property and will only accept communication from Horning going forward.  Council held discussion on the condition of properties located at 405 & 407 Minnesota, owned by Charles and Cheryl Marker.  Directed the City Attorney to draft a letter of abatement and to begin the process of clean-up.




Under Council comments, Council thanked Colton on the great job he is doing around town.




Motion by Archibald, second by Anderson to adjourn the meeting.  All Ayes  Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.










Jon Mosier, Mayor






Attest:  Carrie L. Kirchhoff


Tuesday the 20th.