JULY 13, 2016




Mayor Jon Mosier called the Regular City Council Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Council present were Marilyn Mundorf, Marvin Bradfield, Scott Anderson, Kristy Bassett, and Ryan Archibald.  Others present were Carrie Kirchhoff, Colton Erickson, Mary Neece, Terry Erickson, Betty Auten, Theodore Wonio, Attorney, and Lance Rossow from MER Engineering.  Motion by Anderson to approve the agenda, second by Mundorf, All Ayes.  Motion by Anderson, second by Bradfield to approve the Minutes of the June 8th meeting, clerk and budget reports, paid and scheduled claims reports, and Liquor License for The Lewis Place under the consent agenda.  All Ayes 




Written report submitted for the Library and Heritage Center.  Motion by Anderson, second by Mundorf to approve the Library Board Officers for FY 17.  All Ayes  T. Erickson reported one fire call for the month and the Tanker is having transmission worked on at Denison’s.  Auten reported the case against Jeff & Dawn Witt for the barking dog ordinance violation was dismissed with court costs assessed to Witt’s.  Mrs. Martens reported the situation was much better.  C. Erickson reported on monthly activities for Public Works.  Motion by Archibald, second by Anderson to approve the purchase of a remote access and flow addition for water system.  All Ayes  Discussed the ICAP and IMWCA loss control site visits and recommendations.  Motion by Anderson, second by Archibald to approve the repair of the overhead door at the maintenance shed.  All Ayes  Will also get bids for concrete for the floor of the maintenance shed for the August meeting.




Motion by Archibald, second by Anderson to approve a building permit for Colton Erickson at 410 Washington St for a deck.  All Ayes  




Motion by Archibald, second by Bassett to approve an Agreement with Griswold Community Schools for sharing services and equipment.   All Ayes




Motion by Mundorf, second by Anderson to regretfully accept the resignation of City Attorney Daniel Feistner, effective immediately.  All Ayes  Motion by Anderson, second by Mundorf to approve RESOLUTION 2016-14  Appointment of Theodore Wonio, as City Attorney.  All Ayes




It was the consensus of the Council to not allow a water penalty adjustment to Teresa Comer for her water leak per the City Ordinances.




Lance Rossow, from MER Engineering reviewed with Council scope of services offered and an estimate of Engineering costs for a City Street Study.  He also discussed CDBG opportunities and incorporating a wastewater study. 




Mayor Mosier reported he did not meet with Cristie Cherry, caretaker at the 306 Oregon property as agreed upon at the June meeting, due to her refusal to allow anyone on the property owned by Robin Horning.  Clerk will meet with City Attorney Wonio and review the past year’s history with the property. 




Under Council comments, Anderson informed Mayor and Council a group will be installing a permanent horseshoe court in the City Park for everyone to enjoy.




Under Mayor’s comments, read a thank you from Midwest Data Center for doing business with them and also a thank you from the Lewis Community Improvement Committee for the donation to the fireworks fund.  Thanked Colton for all his work in front of the Fire Station and Activity Center.  Also informed Council a Gravel Race will go through Lewis on October 8, 2016.




Motion by Anderson, second by Archibald to adjourn the meeting.  All Ayes  Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.






Jon Mosier, Mayor






Attest:  Carrie L. Kirchhoff


Tuesday the 20th.