JUNE  8, 2016




Mayor Jon Mosier called the Regular City Council Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Council present were Marilyn Mundorf, Marvin Bradfield, Scott Anderson, with Kristy Bassett and Ryan Archibald absent.  Approved the agenda.  Approved the consent agenda.   




Johnson reported on activities at the Library for the month.  Approved a maintenance contract and computer purchase for the Heritage Center with Maynard Custom Solutions.  Written report was submitted by the Heritage Center.  T. Erickson reported one fire call for the month.  Approved RESOLUTION 2016-13 Transferring $2,000 from the Fire Department’s budget to the IPAIT Truck Fund.   Pope reported one medical call and one accident for the 1st Responders for the month.  Auten reported Jeff & Dawn Witt were cited by the Cass County Sheriff’s Department for nuisance barking dogs.  C. Erickson reported the fence at the lagoon should be finished soon and the tree at Pioneer Park should be taken down this week.    




Approved building permit to Mike Thompson at 311 California St for a deck.  Approved building permit to Bob Corey for a deck at 510 Webster St.




Approved hiring Mary Neece, part-time Assistant Clerk and Doug Sickles and Leland Baxter, part-time Maintenance help. 




Approved purchase of a new computer system and maintenance program for City Hall with Midwest Data Center.  Approved the purchase of five security cameras from Midwest Data Center.    




Shawn O’Shea from MSA discussed with Council the scope of work his firm is proposing for the streets.  Tabled discussion until next month, due to two absent Council members.




Cristie Cherry and William Parks discussed with Council the abatement at 306 Oregon Street.  Mayor Mosier will meet with Ms. Cherry at the property before the next meeting and report then. 




Mayor Mosier reported the City Attorney sent a letter to the property owner of 101 Fourth Street regarding their intent with the property, with no response back.  Tabled until next meeting.  Council also tabled until next meeting, junk vehicles in town.




Under Council comments, everyone agreed the town looked very nice over Memorial Day weekend. 




Under Mayor’s comments, informed Council the City Attorney would be resigning before the next Council meeting.  He is checking more into the Gazebo to see what work actually needs done on the roof. 




Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.






Jon Moiser, Mayor


Attest:  Carrie L. Kirchhoff


Tuesday the 20th.