Mayor Jon Mosier712/769-2546 (H)

City of Lewis
416 West Main Street
P.O. Box 66
Lewis, IA  51544
712-769-2216 (P)   712-769-2217 (F)
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Office Hours:  Mon. 9-5:00pm, Tues. - Thurs. 8-4:00 pm
City Council meets 2nd Wednesday of each month at City Hall

City Officials:

        Council Members:  
                                          Scott Anderson           712/769-2568
                                          Ryan Archibald          712/769-2666
                                          Kristy Bassett             712/769-2443
                                          Marvin Bradfield       712/769-2202                                         
                                          Marilyn Mundorf       712/769-2544

       City Clerk: Carrie Kirchhoff

       Assistant City Clerk:  Mary Neece          

       Public Works: Colton Erickson

The Lewis City Government has the Mayor-Council form of government.  The Power of the city is vested in the City Council unless a state law provides otherwise.  The City Council is the lawmaker, oversees the Administration and provides community leadership.


       Water - City of Lewis                                     712-769-2216
       Electricity - Mid American Energy               888-427-5632
       Gas - Black Hills Energy                                800-303-0752
       Telephone - Griswold Telephone Co            712-778-2121
       Cable - Griswold Telephone Co                    712-778-2121
       Internet - Griswold Telephone Co                712-778-2121


  Buck's Sanitation                                            712-769-2413
      Town & Country Sanitation
      Laverty Sanitation                                          712-778-2477

Miscellaneous Information

Building permits are required before any new construction or alterations or additions can take place.  Applications and information sheets are available at City Hall or can be found on the Printable Forms tab.

Tuesday the 16th.