The City of Lewis is committed to providing it's citizens with the highest quality drinking water and sanitary sewer possible. Two major projects have been completed as of 2011 to help upgrade our system and comply with various State regulations.

Sewer/Lagoon Project

In 2010 the Lagoon was dredged and upgrade to handle the volume of sanitary sewer that the City was experience. Additional, new sewer pipe was laid in certain areas and lining was added to parts of the sewer line to help minimize infiltration of non-sanitary sewer water into the system.

Water Main Project

Some areas of town received new water mains in an effort to upgrade our water distribution system and provide additional capacity to homes that may have previously been lacking. Additionally, an old well was abandoned as it no longer met DNR standard and a new well was added.

Water Tower

In recent years, the City has made some minor upgrade to the water tower to ensured it complies with all OSHA codes. Additionally, it received a fresh coat of paint on the outside and in the Summer of 2012, the inside of the water tower will be cleaned and painted.

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